What is an INDD file and how to open it?

INDD File – Introduction

Welcome to our article about INDD files. Below you’ll find more information about how to open one of these files (use the table of contents below to skip to this part of the article if you like!), however firstly let’s look into exactly what an INDD file is.

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What is an INDD file?

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An INDD file is an Adobe InDesign creation that creates the professional page layout project which contains page formatting data, page content, swatches and much more. These files are mainly used for creating and formatting books, magazines, newspapers, flyers, and brochures as well. Files having the INDD file extension are said to be the InDesign document file. Some of the InDesign document files would use only just three letters in the file extension like IND, but they will remain in the same format as it should be in the INDD file extension.

INDD file extension is the short form of the In Design Documents. Files include the.INDD file extension are often used by the Adobe InDesign which is a desktop publishing software application. The InDesign software is used to create the professional layout of newspapers, magazines, brochures and most of all other printing materials. AdobeInDesign files include the advanced typography, graphics, page content, formatting data and most of the other layout related options that are required for the desktop publishing projects. All the INDD files that mean the files having the INDD file extensions can also be exported in the PDF file extension.

Software that opens INDD files

In windows

  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Parallels tools centre
  • Mystic Thumbs
  • Adobe Acrobat

How to open an INDD file?

  1. To open the INDD project in InDesign just double click on it.
  2. Open the export dialogue box by clicking on the export button from the file menu.
  3. Then click on the “Adobe PDF (interactive)” in the “Save As Type” drop-down menu, and then tap on the “export” button to open up the “Export to interactive PDF “dialogue box.
  4. Tap the “Export” button to export the INDD file as a PDF file format.
  5.  Browse the file in the windows and right-click on the file then tap the “open with” command and then tap the “Adobe Photoshop” for opening the file in photoshop.

How to convert INDD file?

  1. By using the  INDD viewer or editor you can just simply convert the INDD file into another file format.
  2. The very common file format in which the INDD file is mostly asked to convert is the PDF file format in which Adobe InDesign and WeAllEdit both the software can do this task.
  3. Also in the Adobe InDesign software under the file menu, there is an option of the “Export menu” to export the INDD file into the other file formats like JPG, EPS, EPUB, SWF, FLA, HTML, etc. 
  4. Amongst them, you can select the file format in which you need to convert the INDD file just by changing the “Save As Type”option.
  5.  An INDD file can also be converted into the Microsoft word format like DOC or DOCX, but as a result, the formatting differences will make it a bit different. Hence, if you still want to make it happen.
  6. InDesign software does not have the exact INDD to the PPTX export option button for using the document with the PowerPoint. It is almost similar to what is described above for how to use the INDD file extension with the Microsoft word and begin by exporting the INDD file extension to PDF file extension.
  7. Now open up the PDF file with the Adobe Acrobat and use the Acrobat’s File menu and then click on the Save As other button and then move to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation menu to save that file with the PPTX file extension.
  8. If you require a PPTX file to get into a different MS PowerPoint file format like PPT, you can use the Microsoft PowerPoint there itself or any other free document converter for converting the file.
  9.  iXentric Save Back converts the INDD file extension to IDML file extension.
  10. If you are relying on Mac, then an INDD file cab is converted into PSD file format for its use in Adobe Photoshop. Whereas you can not do this with InDesign or any of the other programs.
Hopefully this article has helped you understand a bit more about what INDD files are, and how to open and run one on your computer! 

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What is an INDD file and how to open it?

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