Dll File Extension

DSF File

You’ve come to this page because you have a file with the extension .dsf. Only some software may open files with the file extension .dsf. It’s possible that .dsf files are data files rather than documents or media, in which case they aren’t intended to be read. Designer File or Micrografx Designer v7.x file is […]

SPD File

The spd file extension is currently mostly associated with a specific note format used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note product family’s latest phablets and tablets’ S Note software. A .spd file is a particular document that has been utilized since the Galaxy Note 3 when a user saves a handwritten note. Previous models used the snb […]

ARK File

For the OpenBook software suite, Freedom Scientific created the ARK file extension, sometimes known as a PowerDesk Pro Archive file. ARK files are most popular in the United States and are frequently utilized by Windows 10, according to data from our web servers (anonymous users). For the most part, these individuals utilize Google Chrome as […]

PRD File

Presentations with SoftMaker The PRD file extension, which was created by SoftMaker Software for SoftMaker Office, is most commonly used for document files. According to user data, these PRD files are most commonly seen on the Windows 10 platform and are most popular with users from the United States. According to statistics, these people are […]

VCE File

Over the last few years, technology has advanced dramatically. It has a place practically everywhere, from science to education! You can, on the other hand, employ appealing software applications to create test files. The Visual CertExam Suite is a well-known suite for creating exam files (.VCE). What exactly is a VCE file? When does the […]

SBX File

Adobe Illustrator Tsume Format files are typically associated with the SBX file extension. Adobe established the Adobe Illustrator Tsume Format specification. Programs for the Windows platform may use files with the SBX extension. SBX files, like 1326 other filename extensions in our database, are classified as Data Files. Adobe Illustrator is the most common program […]

ROM File

The .rom filename extension is mostly used to indicate Read-Only Memory (ROM) images saved as files. A .rom file can include PC BIOS firmware or the contents of the ROM of an electrical device. It contains an identical version of a binary computer code that is stored permanently in ROM (flash) memory. Although the actual […]

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