Dll File Extension

SBX File

Adobe Illustrator Tsume Format files are typically associated with the SBX file extension. Adobe established the Adobe Illustrator Tsume Format specification. Programs for the Windows platform may use files with the SBX extension. SBX files, like 1326 other filename extensions in our database, are classified as Data Files. Adobe Illustrator is the most common program […]

ROM File

The .rom filename extension is mostly used to indicate Read-Only Memory (ROM) images saved as files. A .rom file can include PC BIOS firmware or the contents of the ROM of an electrical device. It contains an identical version of a binary computer code that is stored permanently in ROM (flash) memory. Although the actual […]

MID File

The.MIDI files have always used the MID file format as their standard extension. MIDI is an abbreviation for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Numerous music writing tools, as well as MIDI hardware devices, use these files. MID files are useful for storing music data as well as information on how the notes should be played, including […]

SKP File

When you use SketchUp to generate a three-dimensional model, you save it as an SKP file. Different features, including as textures, shades, and wireframes, can be included in the SKP format. The SketchUp 3D modeling software application uses files with the .skp file extension. The SketchUp software tool was used to construct three-dimensional models in […]

Crypt File

The .Crypt Extension is most commonly linked with the Folder Crypt Encrypted File (.crypt) file type and its related proprietary file format, which combines compression and encryption. LittleLite Software’s Folder Crypt is a commercial (shareware) directory/file encryption software for Microsoft (MS) Windows. Folder Crypt uses strong encryption techniques like DES, AES, and Blowfish for data […]

CAF File

A .caf file extension has most certainly been seen by Mac users. CAF (Core Audio Files) files are used by Apple Core Audio technology to create and preserve digital audio. Although it’s an Apple file, Windows users can read and view it with Apple’s QuickTime Player, Apple Logic Pro 9, or Audacity. These files contain […]


The InDesign Markup Language is the full name of the format used by Adobe InDesign to create files with the IDML extension. This tool is intended for the creation of complicated visual page layouts for usage in magazines, newspapers, brochures, booklets, books, and eBooks. The properties of arrangement, metadata, multimedia elements, formatting, and other specialized […]

CT File

Cheat Engine, an open source application for creating cheats and tweaks for Windows-based games, creates a CT file. Game overrides and their address positions within the target application are stored in CT files. They allow users to make changes to the game’s properties. CT files are added during the execution of a program, and they […]

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