What is an SFV file extension and how to open it?

SFV File – Introduction

Welcome to this article about SFV files. Below we will go through how to open an SFV file (click the link in the table of contents to skip to this part of the article now!). But first, let’s discuss what an sfv file actually is and why you might come across one.

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What is SFV file

OPEN SFV FILESFV file is known as a simple file verification file is a file that is used to verify data. This is a file format that is used for storing CRC32 checksums of files to the integrity of files.

The only programs that can calculate the checksum of a file, folder or disk are used to produce the SFV file. 

The main purpose of creating the SFV file is to verify the perfect data or not that means whether the data is truly that piece of data that you were expecting it to be. 

The checksum varies from each character that is newly added or removed from the file and this similar thing applies with the files or the file names embedded in the folders or disks which represents that the checksum for every single piece of data is unique, even if anyone character gets off from the data the checksum changes.

For example:  when the files are been verified on the disc after they have been burned from the computer then the program that was performing this verification can check that all the files that were supposed to be burned were copied to the CD or not before burning.

The same thing is true while calculating the checksum of the file that you have downloaded from the internet. 

If the checksum of the file displayed on the website and the checksum that is been calculated by you match each other this truly represents that the same file you requested from the site is the file that you have and it is not been corrupted or modified purposefully in the process of downloading. 

Software that open SFV files

  1. EF commander 20.02
  2. SFV checker 2.04
  3. Easy hash 2.3
  4. FSUM 2.52
  5. SFV manager 1.2.2

How to create an SFV file


  1. Download and install this software
  2. Open the folder that includes the files that you want to convert into SFV
  3. Choose the file with the help of your mouse and click the right click on them and select the “create.SFV file”
  4. Give the SFV file a name of your choice and then click on OK.


  1. Download and install the software QuickSFV
  2. Open the folder that includes the files that you want to convert SFV
  3. Choose the file with the help of your mouse and click the right click on them and select the”create.SFV file”
  4.  Enter the full path and the name for the SFV file and then click on OK.
  5. After the file has been made by the software right-click on it and choose to verify all for checking the corruption in the original file.

how to open sfv file


Methods to open SFV file

Method 1: open it with another program

When you double click on the SFV file to open it the computer will directly open it in the program to which the SFV file was associated earlier but if this does not happen what you just need to do for opening the SFV file is to download some of the most popular programs like Easy SFV creator, or QuickSFV Checksum FILe verification database.

Method 2: take a hint from the file type

Steps to find the file type

  • Right-click on the file
  • tap on the  “properties” in windows or “More Info” in mac
  • Locate the file type either under “type of file” in windows or “kind” in mac

Method 3: check out with the developer

So you have tried each method to open the SFV file and you didn’t get success in opening it then the best option is to check it with the developer of the software which can easily and very fast help you in the manner you want and can solve your problem.

Method 4: open it with a universal file viewer

Now lastly even if the developer is also unable to help you out from this problem, a universal file viewer mostly file magic,  which is designed to open a wide variety of file formats containing SFV files

How to convert SFV file into SRT file

  1. Right-click on the SFV file that needs to be converted.
  2. Choose “Notepad”  from the open with menu.
  3. Choose the Save As button from the file menu
  4. Select the “ All Extensions” button under the “Format” menu list.
  5. Type a file name with the .srt file extension and hit the save button.
  6. And the converted file will be saved with the new file format.
We hope this article has helped you learn more about SFV files and how to open them.   Here are more articles that might interest you: What is an NRG file and how to open one?
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What is an SFV file extension and how to open it?

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