How to open BAK file & Restore it?

What Is a BAK File?

open bak fileA BAK file is a backup of the Google Chrome bookmarks file, which can be used to supplant spared bookmarks on the off chance that the main bookmarks file winds up collapse. It is naturally created by the Chrome internet browser and is regularly named bookmarks.bak.

A file with the BAK file extension is a Backup file utilized by a wide range of utilizations just for a similar reason: to store a duplicate of at least one files for backup purposes.

Most BAK files are made consequently by a program those requirements to store a backup. This should be possible by anything from an internet browser to store supported up bookmarks, to a dedicated backup program that is filing at least one files.

BAK files are now and then made physically by a program’s client, as well. You may make one yourself in the event that you need to edit the file yet not make changes to the first. In this way, rather than moving the document out of its unique folder, composing over it with new information, or erasing it altogether, you may very well add “.BAK” to the part of the file for care.

How to Open a BAK File

Method 1 bak file

The processĀ of open a BAK file, you must do the following steps:-

  • Find the file to open.
  • Use Properties > Open File Location.
  • The file you have got, look for its backup.
  • Make a copy of the original file
  • Delete the original file.
  • Rename the Bak file.
  • The program should start working as the original.

Method 2

With BAK files, the setting is particularly significant. Where did you discover the BAK file? Was the BAK file named equivalent to another program? Addressing these inquiries could help discover the program that opens the BAK file.

It’s critical to understand that there is nobody program that can open all BAK files, as there might be one program that can open all JPG picture files or all TXT files. BAK files don’t work a similar route as those kinds of files.

For example, the majority of Autodesk’s projects, including AutoCAD, use BAK files consistently as backup files. Different projects should, similar to your money related to arranging programming, your expense prep program, and so on. Be that as it may, you can’t hope to open an AutoCAD BAK file in your bookkeeping program and have it some way or another render your AutoCAD drawings.

Regardless of the product that makes it, each program is in charge of utilizing their own BAK files when they have to re-establish information.

On the off chance that you’ve discovered a BAK file in your Music organizer, for instance, at that point almost certainly, the file is a type of media file. The snappiest method to affirm this model opens the BAK file in a well-known media player like VLC to check whether it plays. You could rather rename the file to designs you presume the file is in, as.MP3, WAV, and so forth. and after that have a go at opening the file under that new extension.

How to restore BAK file?

As we stated, there is no other method for opening and perusing the substance of a SQL Server .bak file other than restoring it.


The way toward re-establishing the backup file will make the table structures and add the information, contingent upon the sort of backup file that it is. To re-establish a .bak file utilizing SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) you should do the following steps:-

  • Right-click on the database.
  • Go to task > restore > database.
  • Check the Radio button from the device.
  • Click on browse for the location.
  • Tap on add in order to select the BAK file.
  • Go to the Bak file folder and select it for restoring.
  • Click ok and select the backups you want to restore.
  • Select both options for a full backup.
  • Press ok and get a message after completing the backup.

How to Convert a BAK File

A file converter can’t change over to or from the file type BAK on the grounds that it’s not so much a filegroup in the conventional sense, yet all the more a naming plan. This is genuine regardless of what organization you’re managing, as on the off chance that you have to change over BAK to PDF, DWG, an Excel group, and so on.

On the off chance that you can’t make sense of how to utilize a BAK file, take a stab at utilizing a program that can open the file as a content archive, similar to one from our Best Free Text Editors list. There might be some content in the file that can show the program that made it or the kind of file that it is.

how to open bak file

For example, a file named file.bak makes no sign at all about what sort of file it is, so it’s not really a simple choice to comprehend what program can open it. Utilizing Notepad++ or another word processor from that rundown might be useful in the event that you see, for instance, “ID3” at the highest point of the file’s substance.

Essentially, rather than changing over BAK to CSV, you may locate that opening the file in a content manager demonstrates that there’s a lot of content or table-like components that guide you toward understanding that your BAK file is extremely a CSV file, in which case you can simply rename file.bak to file.csv and open it with Excel or some other CSV editor.

Client Created BAK files

Like we referenced over, some BAK files are rather just renamed files that are utilized for safeguarding the first file. This is typically done not exclusively to keep a backup of the file however to incapacitate the file from being utilized.

For example, when making edits to the Windows Registry, it’s typically prescribed to affix BAK to the part of the arrangement key or vault esteem. Doing this empowers you to make your own key or incentive with a similar name in a similar area however without having its name slam into the first. It additionally incapacitates Windows from utilizing the information since it’s never again properly named.

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