How to Open a HTM File

HTML web page files are commonly stored in files with the.HTM File Extension. Images and text are formatted and displayed in a user’s Web browser using these files.

htm file

An HTM file is a plain-text document that contains HTML markup code. Utilizing the HTML language, a website designer can construct structured documents by using headings, paragraphs, lists, bullets, links, and quotations to generate headings, paragraphs, lists, bullets, links, and quotes.

The.htm file extension is equivalent to the.html file extension. Certain Web creation software products, such as Microsoft FrontPage and Expression Web, introduced the.htm extension.

What is HTM file?

Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox employ HTM files to display HTML webpages. It may include hyperlinks and markup language, which defines a webpage’s elements and layout.

You will almost certainly never need to open an HTM file unless you are a web developer because the HTML in the file is parsed by your web browser. Select View Source from the View menu in your web browser to see the HTML of a webpage.

Because HTM files are saved in plain text format, they may be opened with any simple text editor. HTM files, on the other hand, should be modified with a source code editor because they come with useful coding capabilities.

HTM files perform the same functions as.HTML files, however they are far less prevalent. The use of Microsoft web creation products such as FrontPage, SharePoint Designer, and Expression Web gave rise to the.htm extension.

Usage of HTM Files

Hypertext Markup Language (.htm) files are used to create web pages that can be viewed in web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others. It specifies the markups for building static pages that may be shared on the World Wide Web (WWW).

These markups instruct browsers on how to display the contents of a web page. Plain text, photographs, hyperlinks to other pages, videos, and other media material can all be found on such pages. When a web page is published, you can inspect its page source to see the HTML code underlying it. Modern browsers allow you to examine any component of a web page, including each sub-division or markup element in the HTM source.

How to View and Open an HTML or HTM File

HTM and HTML files can be opened and shown in any web browser, including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and others. To put it another way, opening one of these files in a browser will “decode” what the HTM or HTML file is describing and appropriately display the content.

There are numerous apps available that make editing and producing HTM/HTML files simple. Eclipse, Komodo Edit, and Bluefish are three popular free HTML editors. Adobe Dreamweaver is another popular HTM/HTML editor with a lot of complex features, but it’s not free to use.

Converting HTM Files

In order for the code and content within HTM files to appear properly when accessed in a browser, they are arranged in a precise way and have extremely specific syntax (rules). As a result, changing an HTM or HTML file to another format is usually not a good idea because you’ll lose all of the page’s functionality.

On the other hand, if all you want to do is convert an HTM file to a different format for easier viewing, such as an image or a PDF, this is a sensible and simple solution. This can be a better choice than printing it.

To convert the page in the window to PDF, select Save as PDF from the print choices in Chrome. Full Page Screen Capture is a Chrome add on that transforms any open HTM or HTML file in the Chrome browser to a PNG file.

Other browsers, such as Firefox’s Save as PDF add-on, have comparable features. You might also utilise a website like iWeb2Shot or Web-capture, which specialize in converting HTML to image files.

You can utilize a free file converter to convert an HTM or HTML file you’ve saved to your computer. HTM to RTF, EPS, CSV, PDF, and a variety of other formats can be converted using FileZigZag, a free document converter website.


Despite their various variations, the recorded data in HTM and HTML file formats is similar, and they are utilized for the same purposes. HTML files are more common since the HTM format is primarily used to provide compatibility with legacy operating systems (DOS, Windows 3.x, and OS/2.) that recognize 8-character long file names with 3-character long extension names. Either of the formats can be used to save an HTML document.

Capability of HTM files

The content of an HTM file is stored in plain text format, allowing users to edit the data using any normal text editor. HTM files can store the whole structure of a website project. Aside from text, an HTM file can contain links/references to picture files, audio files, video files, and scripts written in another computer language.

In general, HTM files are safe to open. Scammers, on the other hand, can utilize the files in phishing and other email frauds. It’s usually a good idea to be cautious about opening attachments from unfamiliar sources.

Because HTML and HTM files are simply text files that can be viewed by any web browser, they should be quite simple to access. If none of the tools listed above open your file, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a file that isn’t a Hypertext Markup Language file. Some file formats have file extensions that are similar to HTML/HTM but aren’t the same format.

Which application do you think you should use?

Your computer may be attempting to open the HTM file with the incorrect application, or it may not have one installed at all. HTM files can be opened with a variety of tools, including Hypertext Markup Language. You might want to try downloading one or more of these from the manufacturer’s website.

When it comes to opening HTM files, the file type is crucial. HTM files are commonly referred to as Web Files. You may already have a program that can open this type of file on your computer.

How to Open a HTM File

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