Are DLL files secure?

Security through Obscurity?

DLL files are not dangerous (when used under normal circumstances) in any way and are thus very secure. These files form an essential component of the Windows infrastructure. The DLL files eliminate the challenge arising from the shipping of applications with lots of dependencies. DLL files will allow one to reduce disk drive usage and executable size and support a standard interface for common code.

However, there are indeed some insecure DLL files since they can be affected by the virus. However, viruses also affect other file types, including. EXE and .COM, and without the files, you cannot have any functioning software.

Download Sites will give you Outdated DLL Files

The key to not having insecure DLL flies is not downloading them from all websites. Many sites allow for easy download of DLL files, and this is seen as the solution to fix the “DLL missing error” and “DLL is not found errors.” For you to get secure DLL files, avoid downloading them from any sites even though it might seem to provide you with a quick fix to your problem. You will get DLL files distributed by any software developing company, meaning it does not have to be Microsoft. Therefore, downloading DLL files from unsafe websites will solve a tiny portion of a much larger problem. The best solution would be reinstalling the entire software form from which the DLL file originated. Most DLL download websites will not give you updated files since they are not the actual developer of the files and would spend their money updating the files. It is thus vital to ensure that one gets DLL files from the original company.

DLL files from Download Sites have Viruses

Viruses will always infect Unsecure DLL files. Having antivirus software does not guarantee that you will get a secure DLL file since if the seller has quarantined it, the program will not know. It is thus advisable for you to always take the safe route, even if it is the longest, and download DLL files from the original companies such as Microsoft or install the whole software package.

DLL Hijacking

DLL hijacking has been a common strategy used by hackers in accessing Windows systems. This process is also known to lead to data losses in Windows Operating Systems since eth early 2000’s. In most cases, the Windows OS search path is manipulated as it looks for DLL files by attackers. They can replace the original DLL files with malicious DLL files. For years, Microsoft has tried to come up with a means of preventing DLL hijacking by changing the search order. However, attackers have also come up with their ways of manipulating the new strategies. DLL hijacking was used in the browser hijacker malware Youndoo where malicious files were planted in Firefox and Chrome executable files. When loading Firefox and Chrome, the home page that appeared was the Youndoo

Are DLL files secure?

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