6 Inexpensive Tablets for Artists

Artist Tablets are comparable to drawing tablets, but they also have differences. Before we go into the inexpensive tablets for artists it’s important to understand the difference between artist tablets and drawing tablets.

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The fundamental difference between a Tablet PC and a Graphics Tablet is that tablet PCs have displays on which to sketch. While graphics tablets do not and cannot be run on a computer, there are a few other factors you should be aware of. If a user is fresh and has no experience, he should use the artist tablets since they have a screen to examine the direct output under the drawing area, but thanks to innovation, there are now many drawing tablets that include a screen.

Things to Think About Before Choosing the Best Artist Tablets

Every artist’s tablet has specs based on the price, brand, and size, but it is also up to the user to decide what they want. Let us take a look on them one by one:

Area for Display

We move our pen to this region to sketch or work. It is completely up to you and your degree of skill to choose how much space you need to draw across.

Most artist tablets have designated display areas, however keep in mind that the area is necessary to draw in and is also a critical specification for new users.

  • Sensitivity

It denotes how responsive your tablet is. It has been discovered that the user’s firmness in holding the brushes impacts the sensitivity of the tablets. The higher the sensitivity, the better the responsiveness of the greatest artist tablets.

  • Resolution

This is an important component for an artist tablet since it may be used to display on a large screen such as a projector or monitor.

  • Pen

The most important consideration is that it be wireless. Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) pens are now available. This increases dependability and frees users from the wire and limited movement of the Stylus. As a result, having an EMR stylus rather than a wired or battery-powered pen is preferable.

  • Weight

Because these tablets do not require a separate screen to show information, their weights pose a challenge or convenience for a user to carry or use.

Best Tablets for Artists in 2021

Now, let us take a look at some of the finest tablets for artists that are affordable and suitable for all types of users. We have compiled a selection of drawing tablets in various price ranges to help you save time and effort. It is not in any specific sequence, but rather relies on the user’s needs, money, and preferences.

Huion Kamvas 22 Plus

The Huion Kamvas 22 Plus is our best selection under $550 because it is an all-around outstanding drawing tablet that more than fits the demands of a hobbyist or aspiring digital artist. Its 21.5-inch screen provides a large working space for visualizing your creations.

The quantum dot display has excellent colour fidelity, is anti-glare, and, most importantly, is laminated, resulting in a thinner construction that lowers parallax. We particularly appreciate the pen’s sensitivity, which feels natural in the hand and reacts smoothly when you twist the blade.

Digital drawing tablet: Wacom One

This well-balanced device comes from one of the top tablet manufacturers and is inexpensive, colour accurate, and user friendly. Its 13.3-inch screen is suitable for most tasks, has low parallax, and is covered with a slightly textured matte coating with a genuine paper-like feel. It’s simple to set up and use with your PC or laptop.

However, there are no shortcut keys, and the pen only has a single control button and no eraser point details that some users may find inconvenient.

Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet XP-Pen

Consider this XP-Pen tool if you aren’t ready to invest in a tablet with the same lifespan as the Wacom or Huion Kamvas devices. It lacks a screen; instead, you draw on a simple black surface that responds to the touch of your pen, and your drawing is shown on your computer screen.


The 6.25-by-10-inch drawing surface is smooth but not scratchproof, and it is supplemented with an eight-button column. The latency between the pen and the linked computer is normally small, however the software can be a touch glitchy.

IPad Pro by Apple

The iPad Pro is a tablet with a highly sensitive and touch-responsive screen in a sleek design that combines excellent resolution and colour accuracy with more than enough functions to suit the demands of a serious digital artist. You may sketch with your fingers or use the Apple Pencil, which feels like an extension of your hand as it glides across the vivid and high-density pixel display with no latency.

Of course, you get all the benefits of an Apple device, such as dependable hardware, a built-in camera, and a plethora of applications to help you with your job. Unlike the other tablets on our list, you do not need to connect this to anything else.

PD1161 Gaomon

Another low-cost tablet choice, this device from Gaomon is ideal for budding painters. It is incredibly simple to operate and has eight buttons that you may configure to fit your needs. Its screen is somewhat smaller than the Wacom One’s at 11.6 inches, but it is still quite usable, and while not as bright or color-accurate as the Wacom, it feels gratifying to draw or write on.

The pen is pleasant to handle and reacts to pressure and tilts, however it might “skip” occasionally, resulting in irregular marks.

Galaxy Tab S3 from Samsung

This is Samsung’s strongest competitor to Apple’s iPad Pro. It is widely regarded as the greatest Android tablet to be released in recent years, so if you’re an Android enthusiast, this is your best choice. The screen boasts an HD resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 with HDR capabilities for improved colour and contrast.

tablets for artists

However, it lacks the iPad Pro’s True Tone display (all you can do is turn on the blue light filter), and it can be a touch reflective in some lighting conditions. However, it does have Samsung’s S Pen, which has four times the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil.

6 Inexpensive Tablets for Artists

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