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QuickBooks Money Management Software creates .QBB files, which are backup files of financial data. The QBB file will include a complete backup of your company’s (or individual’s) financial data, as well as any templates, logos, letters, and images used in your project. In the event that the primary is corrupted, the QBB file is frequently utilized to restore the original data. The QBW file has been deleted or corrupted, or data has been transferred to another computer or user. In order for the file to open correctly in QuickBooks, the file extension may need to be changed from “.QBB” to “.QBW.”

What is QBB File?

QuickBooks by Intuit Inc. is the most common source of QBB files. Backup files with the QBB extension are created by the QuickBooks money management software. QBB files include a backup of the financial data created by the QuickBooks Money Management Software.

QBB files also contain company logos, photos, and templates that were previously saved in the QuickBooks money management program. In the event that the application crashes, the user can restore the lost data by using QBB files. When a user restores data from an original QBB file, the file extension is sometimes renamed to QBW.

How to Open QBB File?

To open a QBB file, you’ll need appropriate software, such as QuickBooks by Intuit Inc. You’ll get a Windows message that says, “How do you wish to open this file?” if you don’t have the required software. or a similar Mac/iPhone/Android message like “Windows cannot open this file.”

If you’re having trouble opening a QBB file, try right-clicking or long-pressing it. Then choose an application by clicking “Open with.” A QBB file can also be viewed in the browser directly. Simply drag the file and drop it into this browser window.

Restoring QBB Files

When the backup feature of Intuit’s Quick Books program is used, a QBB file is created. These files are proprietary, and no other software package available to the general consumer can read them. It’s crucial to remember that restoring a Quicken Backup File (QBB) with an earlier version of Quick Books than the file was created in is not advised, and that restoring a Quicken backup file (QBB) with an older version of Quick Books than the file was made in may not function.

To restore a QBB (Quick Books Backup) file, follow these steps.

Find the file that needs to be restored. This is typically saved on a computer’s hard disc (which is not recommended because a hard disc crash could result in the loss of all of your data), an external hard drive, a recordable CD, or a USB drive. Please make sure the removable media you used to back up your file is plugged into the computer.

  1. Go to Quick Books and open it.
  2. Select “Open or Restore Company” from the File menu.
  3. Click “Next” after selecting “Restore a backup copy.”
  4. Click “Next” after selecting “Local backup.”
  5. From the “Open Backup Copy” window, select the backup file (.QBB) you want to restore, or use the “Look in” tool to find it.
  6. Then select “Open” and “Next.” Note that if you’re restoring a backup file from removable media, you’ll have to tell Quick Books where to save it.) This is done by selecting the “Save in” arrow and selecting the appropriate folder on your hard drive to restore your data to.
  7. If necessary, travel to the location where you wish to restore the backup file by clicking the Save in drop-down arrow.
  8. Choose the backup file, click Save, and reply to any prompts from Quick Books.


QBB File

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