The .VSDX extension denotes the Microsoft Visio file format, which was introduced in Microsoft Office 2013 and later. It was created to replace the.VSD binary file format, which was previously supported by Microsoft Visio.

It’s also supported by Visio Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, and publishing to SharePoint Server doesn’t require an intermediary file format. Visual objects, flow charts, UML diagrams, information flow, organizational charts, software diagrams, network layout, database models, objects mapping, and other related information are all included in Visio files.

Visio files can also be exported to a variety of file formats, including PNG, BMP, PDF, and others.

What is VSDX File?

A .VSDX file is a drawing file created with Visio 2013. For Visio 2013, Microsoft created the VSDX file format. It is the successor to the VDX file format, also known as Visio XML Drawing. The VSDX file format also replaces the VSD file format, which is a binary file format used by prior Visio versions. Microsoft Office 2013 includes Visio 2013.

This software includes tools for producing and altering diagrams, charts, and other presentation graphics, which may subsequently be incorporated in Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

These drawing documents can be opened, read, and altered in Visio 2013 as standalone files. The VSDX file format is also based on the XML and Open Packaging Convention standards, ensuring that third-party programs have the best possible interoperability.

File Format

VSDX files are based on the Open Packaging Conventions and XML, and developers can take use of this format by learning how to programmatically interface with them.

Many of the XML structures in the format are inherited from the Visio XML Drawing file format (.VDX). Because third-party applications can edit Visio files at the file format level, interoperability with Visio files is substantially improved.

How to Open a VSDX File?

To open a VSDX file, you’ll need software like Visio. You’ll get a Windows message asking “How do you wish to open this file?” if you don’t have the right software. or a similar Mac/iPhone/Android message, such as “Windows cannot open this file.”

If you’re having trouble opening your VSDX file, try right-clicking or long-pressing it. Then select a program from the “Open with” drop-down menu. A VSDX file can also be viewed straight in the browser. Simply drag and drop the file into this browser window.

Programs that Open VSDX Files

  • Visio by Microsoft

Because this type of file is typically created or utilized by this software, Visio by Microsoft VSDX files are sometimes referred to as Visio vector images.

  • Draw (drawing)

Draw is a cross-platform vector graphics drawing program that comes pre-installed with the LibreOffice productivity suite. VSDX drawings may be opened and edited in Draw. Vector Image is the file type for this file.

  • Viewer for Visio

Visio Viewer is an application that allows users to see Visio drawings without having to buy the software. Visio Viewer can be used to view VSDX drawings. Vector Image is the file type for this file.


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