SCC File

 SCC files are a form of binary file that is utilized by certain program, and many software packages might share the same file extension. Popular software programs such as Text File, Active ScreenSaver Builder Configuration, and Visual SourceSafe Control File can all open files with the SCC extension.

Wat is SCC File?

Scenarist by Sonic is largely responsible for SCC files. Screen recordings recorded with ScreenFlow, a screen recording software for MacOS, are saved as video files with the SCC filename extension. Before exporting the video and audio streams to common formats like MOV, MP4, or Flash, SCC files are stored in a proprietary un-textured video format. SCC files are used by StitchCraft, a textile design software for Windows.

SCC files were also used to hold source code information in Microsoft’s Visual SourceSafe, a now-defunct version control system. This SCC file contains data for committing, copying, removing, or managing local copies of source code files. Closed caption data files created by Scenarist, a media program for producing Blu-ray discs, are likewise saved as SCC files.

How to open SCC File?

To open an SCC file, you’ll need software like Scenarist. You’ll get a Windows message asking “How do you wish to open this file?” if you don’t have the right software. or a similar Mac/iPhone/Android message, such as “Windows cannot open this file.” If you’re having trouble opening your SCC file, try right-clicking or long-pressing it. Then select a program from the “Open with” drop-down menu. A SCC file can also be viewed straight in the browser. Simply drag and drop the file into this browser window.

Programs that Open SCC Files

  • Active ScreenSaver Builder

Active ScreenSaver Builder is a defunct tool that let you make screensavers by putting together photos, text, and multimedia in sequences with different transition effects. The SCC filename extension is used for the configuration files of screensavers developed with Active ScreenSaver Builder. This file type is categorized as Settings.

  • Extended Home Computer by Microsoft

MSX stands for Microsoft Extended Home Computer, and it was a line of 8-bit personal computers that was discontinued in the early 1990s. On MSX systems, some image processing software saved bitmap images in SCC format. This file type is categorized as a raster image.

  • ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a Mac-based video editing and screen-recording application. Online educators, marketers, vloggers, and others utilize the application to create rich audiovisual material. SCC files are used to hold screen recordings captured using ScreenFlow before they are converted to other video formats. This file type is categorized as Video.

  • SourceSafe Visual

Visual SourceSafe is a version control program for Windows that has been discontinued. Its SCC files include data for controlling the GET and commit operations on source code files. When a VBP, MAK, or DSP file is added to the local folder under version control, Visual SourceSafe creates an MSSCCPRJ.SCC file. Developer is the category for this file type.

SCC File

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