Dll File Extension


MetaTrader Custom Indicator files commonly utilize the MQ4 filename suffix. The MetaTrader Custom Indicator format standard was created by MetaQuotes Software. MQ4 files are supported by software applications for Windows-based devices. Data Files with the MQ4 suffix are classified as such. There are 1326 different file types in the Data Files subset. MetaTrader is the […]

What is a DDS?

DDS files are usually associated with Microsoft’s DirectX. DDS is the filename extension for images saved in the DirectDraw Surface container file format, whether compressed or uncompressed. DDS files can store textures, texture arrays, cube maps, Mipmaps, and volume maps as data since they are compressed using the S3 Texture Compression technique. The DDS file […]

DR Files

A DR file extension is a sort of DRM Rights Object file created by Piotr Fusik for the Recoil software package. DRM Rights Object files are commonly encountered on Chinese consumer computers and PCs using the Windows 10 operating system. My Dark Diary, an Android app for journaling, taking notes, and organizing chores, creates a […]

PCB File

The file extension is used to identify files. Only a few applications are capable of launching PCB. It’s conceivable that .PCB files are data files, not documents or media, and are not intended to be seen. A PCB file, which stands for “Printed Circuit Board,” is a data file that contains a circuit board design. […]

QBB File

QuickBooks Money Management Software creates .QBB files, which are backup files of financial data. The QBB file will include a complete backup of your company’s (or individual’s) financial data, as well as any templates, logos, letters, and images used in your project. In the event that the primary is corrupted, the QBB file is frequently […]


The .VSDX extension denotes the Microsoft Visio file format, which was introduced in Microsoft Office 2013 and later. It was created to replace the.VSD binary file format, which was previously supported by Microsoft Visio. It’s also supported by Visio Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, and publishing to SharePoint Server doesn’t require an intermediary file […]

SCC File

 SCC files are a form of binary file that is utilized by certain program, and many software packages might share the same file extension. Popular software programs such as Text File, Active ScreenSaver Builder Configuration, and Visual SourceSafe Control File can all open files with the SCC extension. Wat is SCC File? Scenarist by Sonic […]

VDI File

VirtualBox is An Open-Source Virtualization Application. Innotek GmbH is the company behind it. Sun Microsystems bought it in 2008, and then Oracle bought it in 2010. Oracle VM VirtualBox is the name given to it nowadays. VirtualBox is available for Windows, Linus, MacOS, Solaris, OpenSolaris, and other operating systems. The Virtual Drive Image (.VDI) file […]

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